I want to be clear: 

I am writing this first blog post on my cell phone, in my bed, surrounded by my own sleeping children. I will often write under these conditions. I am a teacher, but I am also a single mother of three.

 When I write to you about my teaching experiences I want you to remember that you are seeing the world through the oft-tired lenses of a woman who is trying to do it all and do it right now. I meditate, I pray, I swim, and I work out at the gym. I am a teacher, and also a student. I am a mommy, and a friend. 

I am writing not because I am particularly unique, but because I share these traits with many modern teachers and hope to share ideas and experiences with others who are also working to hone their craft. 

Standing with my 3 children.
By way of introduction, I will tell you a little about myself. I am Panamanian-American, and attended a mix of Panamanian and American schools (both public and private). English is my second language, but I am more practiced in it at this point. I did not earn my degree in Education, but in Interdisciplinary Studies. 

I am learning on the job, and oh how much there is to learn! 


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